16 Amazing Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Have you ever felt like the housework is never-ending? As soon as the kitchen is clean, there seem to be more dishes in the sink. The moment you empty the laundry basket, a ball of socks finds its way in and when you finally finished cleaning the bathroom someone has already gone in for a long soak in the tub – sound familiar?

With the help of our cleaning hacks, you will no longer need to have frustrating and endless cleaning days and stubborn stains. For fun, effective and simple tips to get your household chores done well and swiftly, take a look at our hacks below, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them…

1. WFH

Yes, this pesky pandemic has got more of us working from home, so it felt necessary to include this very helpful tip. Disinfect your keyboard with an old toothbrush and a 50/50 vinegar-water solution and simply dip and scrub.

Did you know that according to several online studies, a computer or laptop keyboard is up to 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat?


Sometimes overlooked when changing your sheets, mattresses need a good clean too. Hoover the surface, apply a sprinkle of baking soda all over the area, leave it for a few hours and vacuum off. Odours are lifted and your mattress will be fresh and clean.


bathroom whitening

Tackle grout in your bathroom or kitchen with whitening toothpaste. It will leave the grout as glistening as your teeth.

4.Blinds and Ledges

Use a tumble dryer sheet to clean the hard to reach places like blinds, railings and frame edges.

5.Chopping Board

Clean your chopping board with sea salt and a half cut lemon. The combination will tackle the dirt and leave the board smelling fresh and ready to use again.


It’s more than just the name, use the dishwasher to give your oven shelves, fridge shelves and filters a deep clean also.


A matching colour shoe polish can buff out scratch marks on leather products around the house such as sofas, cushions or even headboards.


Use a window cleaner or squeegee to pick up unwanted hairs that are embedded in the carpet.


Leather, Faucets

Using half a lemon, rub the inside end all over kitchen and bathroom tap faucets; it will remove marks and stains and leave the room smelling heavenly and lemony.


There is nothing worse than knife and fork scratches and marks on your favourite plates. Use baking soda to buff out the marks, leaving the plates looking like new.


Get rid of mildew in the home by rubbing it with vodka.

12.Burned Pan

Bring to a boil a mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda and soak your burned pan. You’ll be amazed.


Cut a grapefruit in half, cover the inside section with sea salt and simply scrub that ring around your bath clean. It does a great job for all bathroom fixtures and leaves a lovely fresh fragrance in the room once you are finished.

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