Carpet Cleaning Service Birmingham

Have you ever noticed how much cleaner a room feels once you have given it a good hoover? Now imagine how amazing you and your room will feel after a deep, powerful carpet clean by professional and reliable cleaning experts…

Carpet Cleaning Service Birmingham

Professional & Reliable Carpet Cleaning

Depending on the colour of your carpet and the overall foot traffic some carpets may need a more thorough clean more often. However, whether you can see the dirt or not, carpets demand a good quality clean. So, what are the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning service?

Health and Hygiene

A badly soiled carpet can affect all your senses; from smelling bad, to the touch and look of your floor area. In some cases, pests and bacteria can be embedded in the fibres making it tough to get out from conventional hoovering methods. Our skilled cleaners have a modern, state-of-the-art cleaning apparatus, precision techniques and a professional attitude.

Stains can be a Right Pain

From pet residue to red wine, outdoor dirt to ink, food and even pest issues; both the aesthetics and embedded filth and bacteria of the carpet can be dealt with, with regular cleaning and maintenance.


Buying and installing new carpets can be an expensive business, so the last thing you want to do is to replace carpets before you actually need to.

Our carpet cleaning service can add a new lease of life to your carpets, meaning they last longer, look newer for longer and are less embedded in dirt and grime. So, before the fibres start to split and deteriorate, ensure you keep debris at bay with a good cleaning.

At TCMS LTD, we are proud to be able to offer Birmingham the best quality, flexible and reliable services for all your office, housing and property cleaning needs. So, improve the overall appearance of your room and call us today for fast-acting, professional cleaning services.

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