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Discrete, thorough and professional, all attributes our expert team live by at TCMS Cleaning Company.

We know how important our service is for our customers; it can be the difference between a safe work environment and a hazardous one. It can be the difference between a reputable institution and uninviting premises. It can be the difference between hygienic and healthy surroundings and potential disease spreading, unsanitised cesspits.

Whether you require commercial or residential cleaning, our fully trained, experienced team know high standards and how to ensure the job is done right.

TCMS (Midlands) Ltd

In office spaces it is vital that communal areas are sanitised regularly; carpets must be deep cleaned routinely while kitchens, bathrooms and workstations should be daily cleaned for best results.
Spaces such as hospitals, medical centres, gyms, leisure centres and more boast happily of their facilities, equipment and overall safety that our reputable cleaning and thorough work promises and delivers.

We are proud to be part of an industry that works to better the community. From our products, equipment and techniques; we are pleased to provide the Midlands with top-notch cleaning at affordable prices ensuring shops, offices, medical institutions, restaurants and other properties are up to scratch, up to code and in turn contribute positively to the community we live in.


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