Biohazard Cleaning

TCMS (Midlands) Ltd have over 35 years of experience providing biohazard cleaning services to a number of public and private companies.  We can provide nationwide services for disinfection of sites as required.

Our technicians will arrive fully equipped, with full PPE and specialist disinfection equipment to fully clean and disinfect your premises.

We will visit your site within 24 hours-notice of order to disinfect if Covid19 has been identified, using disinfectant that has been approved for 99.99% kill ratio for pathogens within seconds of contact.  The chemical has been tested against feline Coronavirus, and has been laboratory tested showing a barrier killing microfibres 72 hours after application.

All waste products will be removed from site for incineration after carrying out our clean.  Doing this prevents cross contamination, following guidelines set out by Public Health England. Following incineration, a hazardous waste consignment note will be supplied.

TCMS can also provide companies with a fogging disinfection for larger areas which can be carried out at a faster time if required

Fogging Service

Fogging can be carried out at your premises for the disinfection of sites.  If no confirmed case has occurred, this service will give site a full disinfection to protect against Covid-19.  This will include all touch points, hard surfaces, kitchen, toilets etc.

We use 240v fogging machines to reduce the number of infection pathogens.

It is a very efficient way to treat all surfaces and air flow within large areas in a shorter time.

This process works by dispersing disinfection agents as a ‘fog’ into rooms so that droplets can settle on hard surfaces.  This includes the tops, underneath and sides of all furniture including legs as well as areas that are often inaccessible, such as pipework.

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