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Commercial Cleaning Tips to Try at Home

Whether you are a clean freak and love spending your free time sprucing up your home, or you find it a boring chore, chances are you are probably going to want to up the cleaning more so than usual. Regular cleaning can help protect your family from common colds and flu’s that spread more in the winter months. If you want some tips on how to make the most of your cleaning regimen read on for some advice from a commercial cleaning company in Birmingham.

1: Maintain a Checklist

Commercial cleaning companies will often keep a checklist to keep on top of cleaning jobs.  This can be as detailed as specific days and times, or it can be a general list of cleaning tasks to achieve each week. Even if you don’t have a large home it can help you remember which tasks need done and what has already been accomplished.

2: Don’t Neglect Your Carpet

If you have carpets or large rugs in your home, it is very important that they are cleaned thoroughly. Hoovering alone isn’t enough as carpets can trap dirt, dust and allergens and they can be a breeding ground for potentially harmful viruses, mould and bacteria. Our Birmingham commercial cleaning company would hoover high traffic areas on a daily basis, in your home 2-3 times a week would be enough. You might want to also use a carpet freshening spray or powder, and you should consider professional carpet cleaning once a year.

Commercial Cleaning

3: Frequently Sanitise Surfaces

The recent climate has meant bar and shop staff, or commercial cleaning companies, are sanitising surfaces more than ever. This is something you might want to implement in your home in Birmingham. Bacteria and viruses can spread easily throughout your home by being passed on from surface to surface by family members or friends. You should particularly focus on frequently touched areas such as remote controls, counter tops, doorknobs and kitchen appliances.

4: Invest in a Multi-Surface Disinfectant

If you are going to be disinfecting surfaces more often, then it is worth investing in the right cleaning products. Our Birmingham commercial cleaning will use separate products for wood, tiles, ceramic and metal surfaces, but it can be costly to do this at home. So, you might want to stock up on cleaning supplies that are suitable for use on multiple surfaces.

Following these simple tips recommended by our commercial cleaning company in Birmingham can help keep your home and its inhabitants protected from colds and flus this winter season.

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