TCMS (Midlands) LTD Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

If you own a commercial business where food is prepared, served and/or stored in the Midlands area, TCMS LTD is the cleaning company for you.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is vital in the food industry. Sanitation, hygiene and quality assurance needs to take precedent. Whilst, kitchens are cleaned daily, deep cleans can be needed as frequently as once a week to keep germs away and the equipment and utensils in top-notch condition.

Various types of industrial level cleaning are required during a commercial kitchen deep clean, areas such as deep fryer clean, sink unclogging and draining and floor scrubs are all par for the course.

Additionally steaming, boiling and delimbing are essential parts of the process.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Grease stains, stainless steel equipment and high and low surfaces need a full and extensively clean. Fridge and freezer sterilization as well as scouring and scrubbing all equipment and machinery.

All licensed kitchens whether private or not, requires a highly professional and experienced cleaning service team. Kitchens by nature get messy and dirty quickly.

It doesn’t take much for a surface to be contaminated, a floor to need a mop run across it or a corner that is gathering dust. We understand the need for daily cleaning as well as full deep cleaning offerings, our team of cleaners are on hand to offer a variety of service depending on your requirements.

Our reliable, discreet service is conducted by a highly professional, trained team who understand the importance of thorough cleaning and exceptional customer service.

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