Covid 19

Covid-19 Decontamination Services

covid19 decontamination services

*Cleaning is essential after a case of Covid-19 has been reported*

Our Trained Staff

TCMS can supply trained staffs using professional Chemicals to clear spores of Covid-19 at your premises.

Chemicals used are proven to Kill Covid-19 and many more viruses and Bacterium which may be lying on surfaces.

Carpets should also be sanitised in Office Buildings; this can be achieved by various methods of cleaning such as Fogging of Carpets and Spray Disinfecting on Exit.

Areas to be Disinfected

Areas to be Disinfected include the following:

  • All Hard Surfaces including within Toilets, Kitchens and Kitchenettes
  • Touch Points throughout the Building i.e. Switches, Buttons, Handrails, Handles, Push Pads etc.
  • IT Equipment such as Keyboards, Mouse and Screens including Phones and Headsets.
  • Desks, Furniture and Chairs including Legs and Wheels
  • Staircases including Handrails and Bars
  • Lift Cars i.e. Internal and External of Doors, Wall Panels, Handrails and Floor Area including Touch Points such as Push Pads

TCMS Operatives to wear PPE as follows: Face Masks, Face Visors, Over Shoe Covers, Disposable Overalls, Disposable Gloves and Disposable Cloths.

On Completion of works (Disinfection), all PPE, Cloths, Overalls, Mops ect to be taken away in Yellow Hazard Bags and sent for Incineration.

Certificate can be issued to confirm a full Disinfection of site has been carried out by TCMS.

Operatives are fully Certified in use of Fogging Method cleaning Works.

Spraying and Wiping services can also be provided by TCMS.

After services provided, to make sure your premises are Hygiene cleaned on a regular basis include: Office Cleaning, Carpet Steam Cleaning and many more services.

Corona virus

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