Graffiti Removal Service

Unless Banksy has been at your wall with a spray can creating a multi-million-pound masterpiece, I assume you would prefer not to have your property disfigured, untidy and looking unattractive.

The General Consensus Is That the Defacing Of Your Property Can Be Irritating, Unsightly And Obviously Upsetting.

Graffiti can be an absolute nuisance to get rid of and if your home or place of business in the and around the Birmingham area has been under spray-painting attack, it might be wise to call us at TCMS (Midlands) LTD.

We are proud to offer our clients a well-trained and professional team of cleaners who can take on the toughest of challenges. Our graffiti removal service works because our team use specialist solutions and techniques to get the job done.

The first point of call is for our professional team to assess the damage. Understanding the damage, materials used, materials of the building and the size of the space will give the cleaning team a better understanding of how to approach the graffiti.

Depending on the products used; It is important to remember trying to remove this kind of markings yourself, can make the problem significantly worse.


From bricks to walls, our response time is fast, and we can get your property looking ship-shape before you know it. It is important to remember a swift removal can end up being less costly than waiting and getting it done in a more leisurely timed fashion.

Your business may suffer, the value of your property and surrounding area might decrease and, in some cases, fairly dramatically. For us, aftercare is just as important as getting the job done right.

Our team will keep you informed of any aftercare that might be required including the products that have been used to; keeping visitors, staff or public away from the area during this time.

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