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Office Cleaning Tips from A Professional

Keeping your Birmingham office clean has always been important, but during the last year it has probably been on your mind a lot more than usual. Whether you want to clean daily, weekly or monthly, or you want to hire the help of a professional office cleaning company for your Birmingham business, there are some tips below that can help you keep the space squeaky clean.

Clean Your Electronics

You’ll often notice the layer of dust resting on your TV or computer screen, especially when the sun is shining on the device. This is because dust has an affinity for electronic devices and cables. You should use a duster to clean this layer off of your computers and telephones. As well as this you should use a disinfectant or antibacterial wipe or spray, as part of your frequent office cleaning schedule. This will clean off the germs that accumulate on keyboards and phones, as they are frequent touch points.

Office Cleaning Professional

Think About Shared Spaces

Shared spaces such as toilets, staffrooms and meeting rooms are particularly important as there is a heavy footfall and there are lots of touchpoints that are used by countless people. For example, taps, toilet flushers, kettles and microwaves can harbour a lot of germs as they are used so often. It can be a big task keeping on top of this so you might want to hire the help of a professional office cleaning company in Birmingham.

Clean Whiteboards After Use

As well to be courteous to those using it after you, you should clean whiteboards and pens after use as they can harbour germs that you want to prevent from spreading. Wipe off anything you have written or drawn on the board, but also use a disinfectant or antibacterial spray to clean the board, pens, and eraser for the next user.

Hire a Professional

Even if you keep on top of all these tasks it is still worth hiring a professional office cleaning company for your Birmingham office. You can choose how often these cleaners come, depending how much your office is used and how many people are in there. A professional office cleaning company will have all the tools, equipment and experience needed to keep your office clean and sanitised, to protect your staff.

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