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In the darkest depths of winter you want to invite as much light into your property as possible, so you need to keep your windows glistening clean. There are plenty of tricks to window cleaning, below are some ideas you might like to try.

What You Need For Window Cleaning

If you want to get a professional window clean finish you will need to source:
A dry brush, broo, or duster, to remove cobwebs and dust.
Window cleaning solution or vinegar
Brown paper or newspaper
Microfibre cloth
Lint free cloth or a drying pad

The Window Cleaning Steps

1) Remove curtains and blinds: the first step is to take down anything that covers your window, as this will only get in your way and make the task harder. This is also a good opportunity to clean your windows or blinds, as that will add to the overall cleanliness of your windows.
2) Spray windows: we recommend using white vinegar which can be sprayed onto the window. Alternatively, you could also use soapy water but make sure you don’t create it too soapy as this may leave sud marks on your window panes.
3) Start wiping: With your microfibre cloth work in S shapes to make sure you cover every inch of the glass, and avoid any smears. If you’re really serious about a streak free finish you could use a squeegee to remove excess water. Avoid paper towels or cloths that might leave lint on the glass.
4) Try traditional methods: If you want to try an old window cleaning method you could use vinegar and warm water, this won’t kill bacteria but it will leave your windows squeaky. If you are using this method try wiping the windows clean with crumpled newspaper for a glistening finish.
5) Don’t forget the edges: Window cleaning goes further than just the glass, you need to give the windowsills and edges some attention too. Most window edges will be left gleaming after washing with soapy water but if you have PVC window sills you might want to try a cream based cleaner or a whitening product which will keep them looking good as new.

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