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Involved in a Deep Clean

Regular cleaning maintains a good level of cleanliness around the house of workspace and covers tasks such as hoovering and mopping the floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and general cleaning up. However, deep cleaning goes much further, and it gets rid of the deep grime and dirt in your home or workplace that is often in places that get missed or forgotten in your regular cleaning schedule. You might want to complete these tasks yourself, or if it seems like too much effort why not hire the help of deep cleaning services to come in a couple of times a year and work their magic.

Deep Cleaning Tasks

Below are some deep cleaning tasks that you can try achieving at home or can hire deep cleaning services to help you with.

– Starting with kitchen deep cleaning, there is often a build-up of grime and gunk behind your kitchen appliances such as your oven and washing machine, pull these out and get behind them to clean this away.
– Inside the oven is often full of food remnants and so you will need a bit of elbow grease to scrape this off. Also remember to clean the oven glass.
– Inside of window frames and patio doors there is often dust and dirt that build up here. You could hoover around the frames and give them a wipe with a wet cloth.
– Dusting between blinds is a long and tedious task but it is one that is often forgotten, you will probably find a layer of dust here and get the satisfaction of running your duster between each blind to clean it off.
– Scale removal is a part of your deep kitchen clean and your deep bathroom clean, appliances such as kettles, taps and showers need some attention to rid them from scale. Particularly in areas where the water is hard you will find a layer of limescale builds up, this can damage your appliances, so this is an important deep cleaning task.


Disinfectant Deep Clean

This year has seen a rise in demand for disinfectant deep cleaning services, this can clear Covid-19 spores out of your premises. This can involve fogging carpets and floors as well as spraying disinfectant on surfaces that are touched by residents or staff. The disinfectant deep cleaning services will cover all areas such as staffrooms, kitchens and bathrooms as well as desks, chairs, and IT equipment if you are looking for deep cleaning services for an office. Although recent events have led to an increase in the importance of disinfectant cleaning, it is not something to be forgotten when the Covid-19 pandemic ends. There are a whole host of other germs and bacteria that disinfectant cleaning can kill, so it should be a regular part of your cleaning regime.

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